April 2020 Book Recommendations

Anyone else looking for a good book while we are at home?
I have been spending my new free time reading some books! I have had some books on my to-read list for a long time, and I am excited to finally read them! I have read 2 books that have really stood out to me this month and needed to share. Here they are!

Girl Wash Your Face
This book by Rachel Hollis is incredibly inspiring. She made me feel not alone and motivated to set goals and accomplish them. Even though not every aspect of the book was directly relevant to this phase in my life, I found it comforting knowing that some else has been through things I have, am, and will go through.

Paper Girls (vol. 6)
I love love love these graphic novels. I have read 1-6 and highly recommend all of them. They have some vintage Stranger Things vibes mixed with Back to the Future vibes. It is definitely its own thing, though! The colors and art in these graphic novels are stunning. They have a captivating storyline with unique graphics that take these graphic novels to the next level.

What have you been reading? Drop your favorite books in the comments below!

Author: Maria

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