Pittsburgh, PA

With my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh in October, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite places I have been while traveling there!

In June 2017 I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even though this wasn’t my first time in Pittsburgh, I always find something new and exciting to do while visiting. I absolutely love Pittsburgh! I am going to give you guys my top five favorite things to do while visiting this beautiful city. Whether it’s your first time visiting or you have been there hundreds of times, this list will give you cool ideas to help plan your next trip to the Steel City!

  1. The Strip District
    The Strip District in Pittsburgh has to be one of my favorite places on this planet. It’s a lively strip that contains culture, great food, and awesome shopping. In my most recent visit, I had brunch on a Sunday, in a restaurant called DiAnoia’s Eatery. It was awesome! I had the lemon ricotta pancakes and they must have been the best pancakes I have ever had!
    Right near DiAnoia’s Eatery, there is a cute little shop called Roxanne’s dried flowers. Roxanne’s has any plant you would ever need. They have a mix of dried and live plants and during the summer they have air plants!
    Next stop in the Strip District is the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. This place has everything your Italian taste could desire! I once found squid ink pasta there! They even have fresh bread in the back. My favorite is the olive bread!
    One of my other favorite spots in the Strip District is Penzeys Spices. It’s the most amazing spice shop around! You can find anything from cinnamon from around the world to some of the best onion seasonings you’ll ever have!
    Last but certainly not least, the Allegheny Coffee Exchange is a cool place to stop for a coffee pick me up! If you love coffee, this is the place for you. The back of this coffee shop is lined with various coffees from around the world and they are all available for purchase! Additionally, they have neat coffee and tea brewing methods and accessories.  I usually look around in the back and then grab a coffee to go on my way out.If you’re looking for more to do when you visit the Strip District head to their website at: http://stripdistrictneighbors.com/ .
  2.  The Clipper
    I have done the Gateway Clipper boat tour twice now and both times it was great! Spending a hot summer day out on the three rivers seeing the beautiful city is definitely a unique experience! The tour includes a mix of historical and cultural information about Pittsburgh. It’s a great way to snap a picture of downtown, the stadiums, and the fountain where the three rivers meet. They have a snack and drink bar where you can buy food and drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol). If you want more information on the tour, check out their website: https://www.gatewayclipper.com/activities/three-rivers-sightseeing-2/ .
  3. Sports Game
    I have had the opportunity to see a Pirates game at PNC Park and a Pitt game at Heinz Stadium. Both stadiums are sensational! The amount of pride that Pittsburgh has for their sports teams is incredible! Not only does the stadium illuminate with pride in their teams, but it also gives you an amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh. If you travel to Pittsburgh and its during football or baseball season, definitely go and see a game!
  4. Coffee in Squirrel Hill
    In Squirrel Hill there is a quaint little coffee shop that I have adored for years. It’s called the Commonplace Coffeehouse. The vibe in this coffee shop is relaxing and cozy with a touch of modernism. I have not been to this coffee shop since I have learned a lot about coffee but I am hoping to write a follow-up article on my coffee adventures in Pittsburgh after my trip in October!
  5. Pitt and Carnegie Mellon
    If you have never been on the University of Pittsburgh’s or Carnegie Mellon’s campuses, you must go! They are walking distance from each other and there are many cool shops and food places in that area. Both universities offer really beautiful and unique buildings and are home to some incredible intellectuals. My favorite place to visit on Pitt’s campus is the Cathedral of Learning. On Carnegie Mellon’s campus, I love the statues and just walking around the grounds of the campus.


I’m pumped to get back to Pittsburgh after not visiting for a year and a half! I cannot wait to try new coffee shops, food places, and finally, ride the incline on this trip! Stay tuned.

Author: Maria

👩🏻‍💼Higher Education Professional ☕️ Coffee Connoisseur 🗺 Traveler

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