Sunflower Fields Forever

One of my favorite activities to do in late summer/ early fall is going to the Sussex County Sunflower Maze. This sunflower maze is owned by a family farm in Sussex County New Jersey. The past two Septembers I have gone here with my boyfriend and it’s the cutest little place! They have two different mazes with a wide variety of sunflowers. They have the classic beautiful yellow sunflowers and deep red ones.

After being there twice, here are some tips about visiting this sunflower maze!


Tip #1
Make sure to go early in the season! This season, they were originally supposed to be open a few weekends into September. Due to hurricane Florence, they had to close early. Last summer, they stayed open an extra weekend and that’s how I was able to go. Even though it is great to go when it is a little cooler, if you want to make sure you get to the maze, definitely plan to go earlier in the season.
(They usually open at the beginning of August)


Tip #2
Wear boots or other shoes that you don’t mind getting mud on them! I know you are going to want to look cute for your Instagram but it could be muddy if it has rained recently.


Tip #3
Bring a friend! The sunflower maze is so much more fun with friends. Your friends can help take great pictures while you are there!


Tip #4
Make sure to buy a sunflower on your way out. They have beautiful big sunflowers for only a few bucks! Not only are they gorgeous but they help support a local family farm!


Overall, it is so incredibly peaceful and fun walking around a huge sunflower field! It’s only $10 per person! Please check out their Facebook page for updates and great photos of the sunflower maze!



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