Working From Home

I feel incredibly blessed to be writing this right now. I am fortunate to be working my full-time hours from home right now. With working my full-time hours, it has been hard to keep up healthy habits and to form a routine with my new schedule.

These times are hard, and I highly suggest taking the time to relax and do what feels right, but I think some routine and structure can be good at a time like this.

I am challenging myself to incorporate a few things into I am challenging myself to incorporate a few things into each day to make them feel a bit more structure. I wanted to share what I am trying to do to hopefully help you spark some ideas if you are feeling like you need some structure.

Plan to take a walk or sit outside.

Walking almost every day has been a significant game-changer for me. I notice the days I do not get to walk, I feel much more blah. Getting outside and getting fresh air is very important since we are all stuck at home. If you can’t take a walk, go out on your porch or sit near an open window. I bet the fresh air every day will make you feel better.

Make sure to meal plan. 
Before I was at home all the time, I would plan meals only a few days out at most. I could go to the store whenever so I did not worry about planning a week’s worth of meals. I have found that planning my meals for an entire week has been super helpful. Since I grocery shop once a week and have all my meals picked out, I only have a small decision to make each day when dinner time comes around. The stress of buying and planning the meal is gone. This is super helpful on days where I am feeling off and do not want to do much after work. I can just choose an easy recipe from my shortlist, throw ingredients together from a save recipe, and cook! Meal planning ahead of time lets you incorporate fruits and veggies that will help to keep you healthy and boost your immune system. It also gives you something to look forward to all week!

Clean your work, living, and sleep spaces.
Clean spaces really change productivity and mood. A clean space can help clear your head and make work a little easier. I cleaned my room 2 weeks into being home full time, and it has made me so much happier. I have space in my brain to worry about other things. I also make sure to straighten up my workspace too. After a week of working in the same spot for hours and hours, your desk will be messy. Clean it up and start fresh Monday morning. Also, brighten your workspace in some way. I have a fun mouse pad and typically have a fun mug on my at-home desk at all times.

Limit your media consumption during the workday.
This one, I had to learn the hard way. The first 2 weeks I was home, I viewed every news alert and update that came to my phone about the pandemic. I would hear something that was starting, and that would throw me off my work game. I recommend waiting until after work to see what is up in the world. It is easier to digest when you aren’t worried about answering work emails and dealing with work things.

Don’t be afraid to change your workspace location.
Sometimes I feel a bit blah during my workday. When this happens, I decide to take my work to another location in the house. Sitting at my kitchen table instead of my desk makes me feel more at easy some mornings. Also, making calls from my bedroom is the best place since we have a few adults working from home at my house. Do not be stuck in one location, you can find spots that work for different tasks you need to accomplish.

Schedule lunch FaceTime sessions with friends.
Having a virtual lunch with friends has definitely been a saving grace for me. For an hour, I get to eat lunch and chat with a friend just like if we were to get lunch during a typical workday. It is a great way to vent and rejuvenate. I am an extrovert, so the communication from these FaceTime sessions makes me productive in the afternoon.

Plan a consistent weekly activity or two. 
I recommend this even when we are not stuck at home, but it has really helped with marking time during the week. Every week, we FaceTime family to watch Harry Potter. We started from the first movie and are working through the series. We also have a movie night every Friday with friends when life was normal, and we have moved that virtually. We spend a few hours every Friday chatting, catching up, and venting about our weeks. Also, our grocery day is Saturday. These weekly activities help me remember what day of the week it is. They give me checkpoints and things to look forward to. I challenge you to plan something you can look forward to every week.

Get “ready” for work every day. 
I do not mean actually doing the whole getting ready routine every. I try to change out of my pajamas, though. I make sure to put my Fitbit on and brush my hair and teeth first thing in the morning.

Find a hobby or two to focus your spare time.
You finally have some extra time to do some things you love! I have made sure to spend my time reading, blogging, making coffee, and being creative!

Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
You will thank yourself in the morning. 

Do not pressure yourself into accomplishing anything super productive while you are at home. This is time to take care of yourself, mentally and physically.

I read a quote a while back that said something along the line of We are not working from home. We are at home during a pandemic trying to work.

This quote really described what it is like to be working at home right now. It is A LOT, and that is okay. Take care of yourself and incorporate as little or as much structure as you need in your daily life.

Stay safe and healthy out there, everyone! ❤

Author: Maria

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