Ethical Coffee

In 2014 and 2015, I traveled to Guatemala for the first time. During those trips, I learned where coffee comes from and all it takes to make a single cup of coffee. Before the trip, I never thought about coffee, where it came from, and all the hands it takes to get it from the coffee plant to the cup of coffee you drink. I want to use this space to share the origins of my passion for coffee and my desire to consume ethical coffee.

My ethical coffee series serves to share knowledge about the importance of ethical coffee consumption, from plant to brewed cup. I strive to be conscious of where my coffee comes from, appreciate the entire coffee process, and want to share my wisdom. Brewing and consuming more ethical coffee is easy if you know where to look.

I feel a responsibility to consume ethical coffee. Though I do not always consume coffee from ethical coffee companies, I try my best to choose more ethical coffee when I can. I want this ethical coffee series to inspire others to make more ethical coffee consumption decisions when they can!

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