My favorite dessert place in Philly…actually my favorite dessert place ever!

I love walking around Chinatown in Philly and since I am a major foodie, I love finding new dessert places. A La Mouse, from the very first time I visited, has been my favorite dessert place ever.

They have the cutest little desserts. All desserts are made meticulously. My favorite dessert there is the matcha lava cake. I love matcha and the pairing with chocolate makes this dessert the best dessert ever! I have also tried the Lychee Panna Cotta and the Mango Mousse Cake and they did not disappoint! The natural ingredients they use make me love these Asian inspired desserts even more. They are open late into the night so it’s perfect for late night studying or for hanging out after spending your day walking around. I highly recommend stopping here if you are ever in Chinatown!


Author: Maria

👩🏻‍💼Higher Education Professional ☕️ Coffee Connoisseur 🗺 Traveler

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