Maria Tries Essential Oils (This isn’t a post trying to sell you something)

As I wrote this title, I could feel the eye rolls and skepticism from some of the potential readers. I am going to repeat this because it’s important: I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU OILS OR ON THE CONCEPT OF THEM.

I am just here to share my experience and some of my favoriteS. If you already use oils, awesome! I hope you find this article helpful. If you don’t use them, I hope you find this helpful or you skip to another post of mine that is more up your alley.

( check out this neat traveling story if you don’t wish to continue learning about essential oils: )

I was introduced to essential oils over a year ago. I had friends tell me about them but finally found myself ordering a starter kit from Young Living last December. I liked the concept of their oils being so natural and safe. Also, Young Living owns their fields and works closely with the farmers of the fields they don’t own which I thought was neat.

I mainly used them as a candle replacement. In the starter kit I received a diffuser and from all the things I heard about candles not being good for you because of toxins, I decided to try the diffuser out. From the start, I loved mixing oils for yummy smelling blends.

In the first few months of having my kit, I got the flu, had a wild weeks long migraine, and got a severe double ear infection. In all of these scenarios the oils came to the rescue to help ease my symptoms. I used an oil called Raven for the flu and the ear infection. Raven is basically liquid Vicks that doesn’t have chemicals in it. I still used Vicks for the ear infection but it was nice swapping back and forth with something natural. Raven helped to ease ear pain and clear my sinus passages. It’s definitely not a cure for sickness but I love to use it as a Vicks replacement. It’s awesome using it in the diffuser and just straight on your chest. For my migraine, I could not get anything to actually relieve my pain. I thought scents were causing my migraine so I didn’t use my oils for two weeks. Excedrin was the only medication that gave me minor, temporary relieve. My migraine began right around the start of spring allergy season. I had heard of an allergy relieve blend of essential oils that are meant to be diffused. After a few weeks, tons of over the counter failures, and a visit to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t a sinus infection, I decided to experiment to see if my migraine was being caused by allergies. I came home from work, put the allergy blend in the diffuser ( equal parts peppermint, lemon, and lavender) and within an hour, I received the first non medication relief in weeks. After that night, my migraine decreased in intensity. Essential oils don’t always help my migraines but in some scenarios they have given me some relieve that nothing else could.

Currently, I am loving my essential oils and use them in creative and practical ways. I use a blend of oils to create a room spray to replace chemicals. I use this spray in my hotel rooms while traveling to decrease the amount of germs and as an insect repellent. I use Theives and Rosemary essential oils for immune boosting purposes during sick season. I love diffusing different oils in my office for mental stimulation like a lemon or peppermint. I also still use essential oils as a candle replacement and have done fall themed scents for my office and hotel rooms to make them feel more cozy!

Overall, oils have become a huge part of my life for natural replacements for products I have used in the past that have more unnatural ingredients. Keep a look out for some of my favorite diffuser blends article coming soon!

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