The Best Planner

It made be cliché to chat about planners in January, but I have found my planner incredibly useful during these unprecedented times. I didn’t throw this planner away in 2020, and it actually helped me stay organized in 2020.

I use to spend hours each December looking for the perfect planner. I remember December 2019 spending way too long in the planner aisle in Target. I finally picked the Create & Cultivate planner. This planner felt like it was built for me. I like to think it incorporates what every 20 something-year-old is looking for in a planner. It helps you be organized without being too much.

The planner’s beginning pages have a money goal section, important events for the upcoming year, and life and work goal section. There also is a place for a vision board. I have used this to set up goal lists and an actual photo vision board.

The rest of the planner is broken up by tabs of each month. There is a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month section. Then the planner is broken into weeks within the month. Each week has a section for mantras, primary goals, secondary goals, self-care, inspo, and more. It also has a section for each day of the week with the freedom to design each day the way you’d like. I typically write down events of the day, if I am working in the office, and some goals I want to focus on. You could add trackers, checklists, etc. At the end of each month section, there is a monthly reflection area. You can take notes a reflect on your goals, activities, events, money, your wins, side hustle planning, and follow-ups for the next month. This section really grounds me each month and makes sure I am intentional with my goals, times, and money. Additionally, it encourages you to recognize your wins, even if you feel like you might not have any.

Being intentional with your days is crucial in times like these. When most things in the world may feel out of control, a planner can help you feel more in control. This planner helps to ground me and set intentional and realistic goals.

If you are looking for a planner and jive with the Create & Cultivate one I am talking about, you can find it at Target!

Happy Planning!

Author: Maria

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