My Whipped Coffee Recipe

Whipped or Dalgona coffee hit the internet by storm in 2020. I quickly fell in love with this drink’s light and fluffy nature. I have made this coffee drink so many times now and have honed my favorite way to make it. Luckily, my recipe is not only delicious, but it is also dairy and vegan!

I think the kind of ingredients you use in this drink influences the quality of the drink as much as the process of actually making the drink itself. I have used various kinds of milk to see which was best and was deliberate when choosing what instant coffee I use for my recipe.

This ingredients…

For instant coffee, I use Mount Hagen Organic Fairtrade Coffee (instant and freeze-dried). This instant coffee is more on the expensive side for instant coffee, but it is well worth it. It is super high quality and lasts a while.

For the milk, I use oat milk. I have tried various kinds of milk and landed on this as my favorite of the upper coffee. I tend to prefer oat milk with sweet, robust flavor drinks like chai lattes and whipped coffee. Specifically, I use the Oatly brand, Full-Fat milk. I like its thick, sweet flavor and think it pairs well with the pungent whipped coffee. I also like the full-fat version because it is packed with vitamins And DHA omega 3!

I usually use just regular white sugar and the well water from my sink. If you want to level up this drink, even more, you could get high-quality sugar and use high-quality water.

For the process….

I begin with a shallow metal mixing bowl. I have deeper mixing bowls that I use for baking, but I have a mixing bowl that is shallow with a wide top. This shallow bowl allows for more air to get into the bowl while mixing, helping the mixture to get nice and fluffy!

I googled some photos for reference so you can see a shallow bowl versus a deeper bowl.

The rule of thumb for any whipped coffee recipe is 1:1:1 ratios for the instant coffee, sugar, and water. For about 1.5-2 drinks, I use about 1.5 – 2 tbsp of each ingredient. I also judge it by the number of people I am making it for. I typically use 1 tbsp for each person who will be having it!

So when I make it for myself, since I enjoy a second half a cup, I typically use 1.5 tbsp is each. So 1.5 tbsp of instant coffee, sugar, and warm water.

I add the instant coffee and the sugar and then add the warm water. I give the mixture a little stir to make sure the instant coffee and sugar have dissolved a bit. They do not need to be dissolved entirely, though.

Then I use a hand mixer to mix the instant coffee, sugar, and water mixture. I have used a hand frothed and have whipped it by hand, and a hand mixer is the best and quickest way to make whipped coffee.

I begin by starting on the lowest setting just to start mixing the mixture. At this point, the mixture will be dark in color. As I start to see the mixture frothing, which only takes a few seconds, I turn up the mixing speed. I go slow, adding each speed, one at time, each setting used for a few seconds to make sure the mixture is mixing well. By the time you get to the highest mixing setting, the mixture will look a bit lighter.

I leave the mixer on the highest setting while making sure to hit each inch of the mixture. As you mix, the mixture will get lighter in color. You can tell the mixture is ready when it is light brown, and you see soft ripples when you move the mixture through an area of the mixture. Once the whole mixture looks like this, you are done.

Next, I stick the whipped coffee mixture in the fridge for a few minutes while cleaning the mixer and getting my milk ready. This allows the mixture to settle, cool, and firm up.

I love using clear glass to see how much milk there is, how much of the whipped coffee I put in, and its aesthetics. I pour my oat milk about 2/3 of the glass and then add the whipped coffee to fill the other 1/3 of the glass. I then use a spoon to swirl the milk and whipped coffee together a bit. I like layered coffee drinks, and I don’t mix mine too much because I like the distinct flavors coming together.

I usually have a little whipped coffee mixture left and stick that back in the fridge and add a little more milk and whipped coffee when I’m running low to give myself seconds!

Enjoy! ✨

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