My entire life, I have faced many allergies and sensitivities. My allergies and sensitivities lead me down a path of nutrition and wellness. I even majored in nutrition and wellness in college! I am not here to give nutrition advice, but I want to share my journey, struggles, wins, and lifestyle with you.

I am currently trying to eat gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, grain-free, and avoid foods with additives, added sugars, and preservatives. I am doing this because avoiding these foods makes my body feel the best. I have done a lot of food experimentation in my life, and I am still figuring out how and what my body reacts to. I still eat a lot of delicious stuff!! My recipes are most likely free from all of the foods I am trying to avoid, and they are still delicious. I also am not perfect because sometimes I want cake or pizza and that is okay!

I also try to use natural and hypoallergenic products in my everyday life. From the cleaners I use to the soaps I use, I have to use natural and hypoallergic products to ensure I don’t have hives, eczema, and more! In recent years, I have been trying to find non-toxic and environmentally friendly products to use too.

If you have allergies/sensitivities OR you are figuring out that you have allergies/sensitivities OR you are looking for yummy recipes and healthy lifestyle content, definitely check out some of my articles!

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